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Παρασκευή, 19 Ιουλίου 2013

How to create a new partition without formatting the hard disk ?

  In this post lets see how to create a new partition without losing data. Many of us will willl format complete hard disk to create a new partitions... Actually this kind of situation's appear when we forget to divide the space on hard disk into different drives. But its not at all a major issue.  You can even create any no of drives with this simple process without formatting or losing data or without using any software. This process can be followed on any version of windows like windows 7 or Windows 8 or xp


Just follow the below steps

  • Now right click on my computer then a pop up window appear, then just click on manage. After you click a new window opens which is "Computer Management:" window.
  • In that window you can see all the detail's of Hard disk and other storage devices. In that select disk drive to make a new partition.
  • Right click on the disk drive there you will find a option as shrink, click on that. Once you complete this you will be able to see the empty space available in that selected drive.

  • After that just enter the amount of space of the drive you want to create then click on shrink. Once you complete this process with in fews secs you can see the new partition 
  • But still you cannot open the drive. So, now Right click on the Unallocated space on a hard drive and select New Simple Volume.
  • Then click on the next, once you click on next you have to enter the space for which you want to allocate for your new drive from the unallocated space on hard disk or you can use complete available memory for your new drive.

  • Now select the drive letter ( as you contain already c - drive now you need to select d,e,f etc it depends on the number of drive you have already created before)
  • After creating a new drive now you need to format the newly created drive so select on format settings below this you need to select few more, like for file system select it as NTFS (New Technology File System). Then keep allocation unit size as default and the name of the new drive can be changed as you wish.

  • For quick format check the perform quick format option. 
  • That's it you are done a new partition is created

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